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What others are saying about MasterShield Gutter Guards.

Nationally syndicated newspaper columnist and writer of the top home improvement website,, Tim Carter has years of gutter guard reviews under his belt. In 2008, he allowed manufacturers to come to his home. They were able to install gutter guards on different sections of his garage. Tim has been writing gutter guard reviews for more than a decade. He’s always said he didn’t like gutter guards because they let debris in, particularly in the Spring. Tim chose his garage because it was under a very messy tree that dropped lots of small husks and helicopters. One system got the driveway side of the garage and MasterShield got the reverse side where his home had a courtyard with a patio. While we thought the courtyard might not get as much wind to blow debris off the system, we just made sure to pitch it with the roof and let the debris fall.

After more than 9 months, MasterShield Gutter Guards took top honors. Carter was so confident in its performance, he had MasterShield installed on his home, just in time for Autumn. We went out after the test was officially complete and saw the conditions. MasterShield looked like it had just been installed and had no debris on it. The other type of gutter guard sat flat and had trapped a lot of the Spring blooms as well as lots of sticks and twigs. It was only after this test that our competitor started to say they could pitch with the roof, too.

“MasterShield Gutter Protection does what it says, keeping all leaves, oak tassels, helicopters and even pine needles out of gutters,” said Carter. “I have tested numerous types of gutter guards all claiming they keep debris out and homeowners won’t have to clean their gutters again. As readers of my website know, my research has shown a very large percentage of these products fail in the springtime, and would not be a prudent investment. MasterShield makes me happy since I won’t have to clean out the gutters again and, my wife’s happy since I’ll stay off the roof.”

“Other gutter guards have jumped on the micromesh bandwagon. Although they might look similar to MasterShield, my gutter guard test results proved to me there are significant performance differences between these products. The filter alone is not what makes MasterShield work,” adds Carter. “If you’re going to spend your money on a gutter guard system, don’t settle; buy the one that works.”

Note: Tim Carter received no compensation for his test.

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