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The Value of Roof Gutter Guards

Do Gutters & Gutter Guards Increase Your Home Value?

Home improvements are the key to increasing the worth and attractiveness of your property. And while it may not seem obvious, the addition of a MasterShield gutter guard can have far-reaching effects on your home’s resale value.

Gutter guards are a sign of quality home maintenance. Both homeowners and potential buyers alike can be confident that with a gutter protection system, they won’t have to deal with gutter cleaning or other problems associated with clogged gutters.

Put another way, the true value of gutter guards can be found in the damage they prevent. Gutter guards don’t simply beautify your home, they provide clog protection (thus can stop costly water damage), ice protection and personal protection.

Clog Protection

The buildup of organic material in your gutters – leavespine needles and other debris – start out small, but if left unnoticed or disregarded, this buildup can lead to expensive home repair. Clogged gutters overflow when it rains, leading to water pools around the foundation of your home. Water doesn’t just overflow forward off your gutters, but can go backwards into your house.  

Soffit, eave and fascia rot are common and water can flow to where it can cause unhealthy mold.  Gutter debris also invites unwanted pests – creating breeding grounds for mosquitoes or a nice place for wasps or hornets to make their nest. There are few things less attractive to a potential buyer than getting stung.


Even larger pests such as squirrels, mice, rats and birds can build a cozy little nest using the debris lodged in a gutter or use it as access into your attic where they can make a mess of your insulation.

Ice Protection

Ice dams and the icicles they create are a danger to everyone. Icicles are an obvious hazard from above, but many people don’t realize that melting ice can also create slippery patches on walkways and prematurely damage concrete, walkway stone or pavers and asphalt. Ice building up on gutters can cause problems up the roof because ice can push itself under thes shingles. MasterShield gutter guards come with the option of installing a heating element that will keep ice from forming at your gutters. This ensures not only the safety of pedestrians but also the structural integrity of the roof.

Personal Protection

You can’t put a price on personal safety. Uncovered gutters must be cleaned at least twice a year to prevent problems – that means grabbing a ladder and heading up to the roof. Gutter guards prevent this needless risk of injury. Everyone knows that a fall from a roof can be costly, both in physical and financial terms. MasterShield gutter guards eliminate this risk, helping your house stand out among all others on the market.

Gutter guards tell potential buyers that your home is a sound investment, thanks to the foresight and care put into the choice of installing gutter guards. The buyer gains confidence in knowing that the house has been well taken care of and maintained, and you will comfortable knowing that you and your family are protected far into the future.

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